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Orlando Ferrand
My relationship with Arts & Letters dates back to my childhood and teenage years in Cuba where I attended Cubanacan, one of the most selective and prestigious multidisciplinary conservatories in the world. I committed to studying and working in the arts when I was about 11,  after a stardom-bound journey through children's musical theater and radio soap operas in my native Santiago de Cuba. Believe me when I tell you that I had lots of fun. It was the glamorous '70s and ‘80s, and the world was then a glittering happy place, at least in my hometown. It was there where I saw colors for the first time, like shooting stars piercing holes on the sails of pirate galleons lost in the waves not of the sea, but of the drums under the Caribbean starry skies. I was held in Grandma's arms as she danced on the streets during Carnival festivities seducing all eyes with her hip acrobatics. The air blew throughout our bodies intertwined with the Chinese trumpet, the violin, the laud and the guitar. I was five and had already been claimed by a multitude of ethnic ancestors wrapped in tongues of fire: the Afro-Cubans, the French, the Haitians, the Jamaicans and the Sephardic Jews. The Carnival celebration was our only breath of freedom. So, I grew up to find my voice in the Arts & Letters, that space where freedom can never be misspelled.
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  1. New York Poetry Festival 2018 - Coming Soon!
    Looking forward to reading my new poems
    Gold Medal in the Readers Favorite Book Review
    Available at barnesandnoble.com and amazon.com
  4. LA OTRA ISLA (Spanish Edition)
    Linden Lane Press Poetry Prize
    2012 Book of the Semester at Hostos, CUNY
  6. Thousand Worlds: Multidisciplinary Approach to Creative Writing
    Bronx Book Fair, May 5, 2018, from 4:00 - 4:50 PM - Bronx Library Center - 310 East Kingsbridge Road Bronx, NY, 10458


  1. Translator
    I specialize in English to Spanish and Spanish to English literary translations in all genres, movie scripts, and subtitles
  2. Lecturer
    English and Comparative Literature English Composition Creative Writing Editing Literary Translation Linguistics
  3. Writing Coach
    Developmental Editing Sessions. In essence, all writing can be creative. My approach to the writing process is organic. I acknowledge that there is a healing benefit derived from the informed practice of creative writing. However, as a coach, my focus is to help you write as an artist, master the skills you need for your specific genre of interest, and to unblock you.